Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Trailer Smackdown - 1/31/2012

I wanted to do something different than the same old boring bring you reviews and ranting. I want to give you my tens of readers a voice of sorts. The American public have seen lots of trailers, but I want to see which one is the best of the best. I will pick my favorites from the past week to go head to head. It's your job -- my readers -- to determine which trailer reigns. At the end of the year, we will crown the granddaddy of them all; Best Trailer of the Year. Sound good?

God Bless America Red Band Trailer

Being that I am sick and tired of irrelevant people getting a "star" status, I don't mind that Frank (Joel Murray) is killing these douchebags. The movie is from the twisted mind of Bobcat Goldthwait that brought us the doggy blowjob movie, Sleeping Dogs Lie and World's Greatest Dad.


Iron Sky Teaser Trailer for the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival

You know, I love a good Nazi movie. Well, I'm saying that is going to be the greatest film since, Schindler's List -- which I still don't get why people love it -- but this movie suggest that the Nazis were not defeated. In fact, they have set up a moon base to rise again in 2018.

Other trailers: The Cold Light of Day, Seeking Justice and Lockout.

Vote for you favorite:

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