Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best in Show

Best in Show (2000)

Directed by Christopher Guest

Screenplay by Christopher Guest & Eugene Levy

Stars: Parker Posey, Michael Hitchcock, Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Bob Balaban, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, John Michael Higgins, Jennifer Coolidge, Jane Lynch, Don Lake, Ed Begley Jr. and Fred Willard

After having a awful day at work, I wanted to come home to movie that could take me away from my life. I have never seen a mockumentary before in its entirety. I have an aversion to dogs so the idea of this movie would make me not like it. I have to say the people should have been in the show.

Set in the world of competitive dog shows, handlers from across the country flock to the Mayflower to compete to see who wins best in show. The dogs seems like the normal people onscreen than the humans. You have the yuppie couple Hamilton and Meg Swan (Hitchcock, Posey) who is trying to coral their jumpy show dog while they are bickering with each other. There is the frumpy couple Gerry with the two left feet and the woman that get around Cookie Fleck (Levy, O'Hara) that has not much money. The hillbilly Harlan Pepper (Guest) thinks that his bloodhound will win first prize. The gay couple Stefan Vanderhoof and Scott Donlan (McKean, Higgins) wants to make sure that their shih tzu wins with flair. Lastly, you have vivacious Sherri Ann Cabot (Coolidge) has a two time champion poodle that is two timing her husband with her handler, Christy Cummings (Lynch).

You would think that a movie that has a large cast, it would be convoluted. It was not. I like the journey that the couples were going on. Some of these people are bonkers and should be committed. It's nice to watch train wreck play out onscreen. As the movie was going on I noticed a couple of surprises that I saw a mile away. The ending of the movie was a bit predictable.

Don't get me wrong. I laughed out loud in a couple of moments of the film. I would like to see the movie again. To watch the insanity unfold again.

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