Saturday, March 1, 2014

Netflix Binge Watch: DTLA - Season 1

Created by Larry Kennar

Season 1

No. of episodes: 8

Cast: Darryl Stephens, Matthew Stephen Herrick, Ernest Pierce, Marshelle Fair, Hiro Tanaka, Patrick MacDonald and Scott Pretty

After Logo unceremoniously canceled Noah's Arc, they were on my shit list. Still are. Besides the point, Darryl Stephens the star of that show was shopping around this show, DTLA (Downtown LA) to Logo and here! TV which passed. The show originally premiered on OutTv in late 2012. In a surprising move, Logo decided to pick up the series and aired it last year, heavily edited. I saw one and a half episodes on there. Cut to today, I binged on the uncensored version of DTLA. Here are my thoughts:

The series centers around seven friends through their highest of highs and lowest of lows. Darryl plays Len, a lawyer that is reaching the end of the rope with his six year relationship with Bryan (Herrick), who spends more time getting high than getting a job. The lone straight woman, SJ (Fair) is in a bad place with her husband that cheated on her. Stefan (Pierce) is also a lawyer that acts bougie and thumbs his nose at other black people. Kai (Tanaka) pushes SJ to get back with her husband when his personal life clashes with his professional life as a schoolteacher. Matthew (MacDonald) is a struggling actor that get his big break with a raunchy play that he doesn't share with his military boyfriend, Marky (Pretty).

I wanted to see this show, because I saw clips of it online. I wanted to see it uncut. The overall impression of the show is that it seems choppy and some spots. Plot points were introduced and dropped by the next episode. Characters disappears for a long period of time and pop up out of nowhere. Characters are introduced with no subtext. They are just there. I did love the guest stars that were peppered in like Leslie Jordan, Danny Roberts and Sandra Bernhardt. Other than that, the show is disposable.

Rating: 5.5/10

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