Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Flix Rant: My Inner Feminist Is Coming Out

Last night, I sat down and tried to watch Frank Capra's 1934 Oscar winning movie, It Happened One Night. Looking at the movie I was immediately irritated that the same thing was going to happen like it did with His Girl Friday, when I reviewed it.  Maybe this is my 21st century mind at work, but I have to say, "Why do these women end up with these assholes?"

I know that it was a different time, but come on people! For examples, Claudette Colbert is a socialite who marry a man against her father's wishes. She leaves for New York. I was rooting, "Good for you, girl." Then, the cad has to come in the form of Clark Gable as a boozy newspaper reporter who treats her like shit. She swoons over him, please!

I had the same gripes with the The Philadelphia Story as well with the brash Katharine Hepburn has to end up with the ex-husband in the end. I'm sorry, I spoiled that for everybody, but I have to get my point across.

Why couldn't these women be happy and content, instead of settling with a man that is no good for them?

This is not an old thing. There are prime examples of movies today with the same premise that had me scratching my head. Even though, I thought that The Ugly Truth was a piece of shit. I was infuriated that a woman (Katherine Heigl) would swoon over Gerard Butler. Besides the fact that he is hot, his character was an abrasive prick. Would you ever say those things to the woman that you supposedly "love"? Fuck off. She would drag Eric Winter around like a rag doll and discard him for the asshole. Really, girl? Really?

I also had a problem with You Got Mail that Tom Hanks character's completely destroyed Meg Ryan's family bookstore in order to buy it for a major corporation and she falls for him. Just like that. Are you kidding me? Grow a pair of ovaries, ladies. Get a man that will not do you wrong. You don't see woman of color dealing with that shit. They ain't having it.

All I am saying is that I am getting sick and tired of these poor defenseless women having to settle the first man that show them any kind of attention. I needed to get that out.

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