Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trailer Tuesday Smackdown - 2/7/2011

Well, since nobody voted on the last Trailer Smackdown-- I didn't expect anybody would-- I declare the winner of last week is "Iron Sky." This week sees more big budget trailers. I am not including Super Bowl teasers, because they are a tease-- not a full trailer. Here are the contenders:

 We haven't seen Sarah Polley behind the director's chair since her exquisite movie "Away From Her" came out in 2007. Now, she is back with "Take the Waltz". It stars tjhe phenomenal Michelle Williams as woman who is married to Seth Rogan, but has feelings for another man, Luke Kirby.


 The offical trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" came out. I know that people have reservations of having a reboot, but I have to say that I kinda like the badass Peter Parker, than the dorky one of the Sam Raimi series of movies. Don't get me wrong, two out of the three movies were my favorites.

Other trailers include: Game Change, Brake, and Red Lights

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