Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Final Impressions (Holiday Edition) - 11/23/2011

Since Turkey Day is happening on Thursday, the movies are coming out in full force today. The picking are better this week than last week.

The Descendants

It has been seven years since Alexander Payne has a directed a movie since Sideways. His follow up in another loosely adaptation of the a book. People are talking about George Clooney being a front runner for the Best Actor Oscar.

The setting is in Hawaii. It looks nice. I heard some news that the movie is not all it is cracked up to be. It seems like one of those movies that is being hyped up for no payoff. I could be wrong.

The Muppets

It has been awhile since a Muppets movie has hit the big screen. Jason Segel tries to recapture the magic of the nostalgia from people who have grown up with them and kids that are just introduced to them.

The movie is like The Smurfs were humans are introduced to the cartoon characters.

It all seems a little meta like the original movies were.

My Week with Marilyn

Opening in limited release is the movie that is getting Michelle Williams a lot of Oscar attention.

I heard about this movie when a rival Marilyn Monroe movie was in production at the time. People are talking mainly about Michelle. Not much else.


This is Martin Scorsese first foray in having a 3D feature. It's a based on a beloved children's book. I wonder what the movie is going to be like without the guns and f-bombs.

A Dangerous Method

Here is another Oscar contender that is opening in NYC and LA. There is a lot of buzz surrounding this movie as well.

The movie would seem a little to stiff to strike a cord with movie audiences.

Arthur Christmas

I have seen trailers for this movie. It seems like one of this disposable holiday kid flicks to get children to drag their parents along.

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