Thursday, February 20, 2014

Movie Bullshit: Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Revealed

Remember back in 2005 before Chris Evans was part of the Avengers, Jessica Alba was making mediocre movies, Michael Chiklis was just the guy from the Shield and nobody who the fuck Ioan Gruffudd was, there a movie called " Fantastic Four" came out. Nobody cared. Then they had that unnecessary sequel that dare not speak its name. 

Cut to today, when the news broke that Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment, Project X) has been cast as Reed Richards aka "Mr. Fantastic." Jaime Bell (Billy Elliott, The Eagle) has been cast as Ben Grimm aka "The Thing". Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle, Fruitvale Station) has been cast as Johnny Storm aka "The Human Touch. Rounding out the cast is Kate Mara (We Are Marshall, 127 Hours) playing Sue Storm aka "The Invisible Woman."

Does anybody really give a fuck about this? I certainly don't. Besides, these characters are still under Fox that fucked up the first time. You think starting over will make everything okay? No. Look at The Amazing Spiderman. There was no need for that movie to be made. Do we need to sit through another fucking origin story that we have just seen decade ago. These studio execs must think we're stupid. That they will force feed us some bullshit and think everything is fine. No. I don't want another reboot. No, thank you. I gonna pass.


  1. I'm always of the 'let's wait and see' mindset, but I have to agree. This doesn't look at all promising.

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