Sunday, February 23, 2014

Noordzee, Texas

North Sea Texas (2011)

Directed by Bavo Defurne

Screenplay by Bavo Defurne and Yves Verbraeken

Based on the novel, "Nooit gaat dit over" by André Sollie

Stars: Jelle Florizoone, Mathias Vergels, Nina Marie Kortekaas, Eva van der Gucht, Luk Wyns, Thomas Coumans and Katelijne Damen

Personally, I never heard of this movie before last year's Omie Awards when a follower of mine mentioned this movie as a nominee. The movie was most honored last year. It was on my radar to watch it. I reinstated my Netflix account to take advantage of the movies I missed out on. This movie was suggested to me. It was kismet or so I thought.

It seems like the story takes place in the late sixties Belgium, not Texas as I thought, where we follow Pim (Florizoone), a boy that is coming into his sexuality. He is realizing that he has feelings for his friend, Gino (Vergels). Gino gives into his feelings for Pim. Pim feels lost as his mother, Yvette (van der Gucht) is more concerned about playing her accordion and men then her son. Pim seeks solace in Gino's family home. Gino's mother, Marcella (Damen) assumes loving mother role that he wants as Gino's sister develops a hopeless crush on Pim.

Through the grapevine, this movie was touted as the next "Brokeback Mountain". I would not take it that far. Seeing my share of gay movies, this movie would be in the middle of the pack. Don't get me wrong. There were parts of this movie that mimicked my childhood. I had crushes on boys, played dress up, did things that boys did, girls had crushes on me and all that.

It felt like something was missing with the movie. I think it was with the "love story" between Pim and Gino. The brief times that they were together, they had triple amounts of time apart. I didn't feel longing. It died on-screen. It was an afterthought. The only good thing that I took from this movie was the feeling of lost innocence. That's it.

Rating: 6/10

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