Thursday, February 20, 2014

Movie Bullshit: Guardians of the Galaxy

Today, I'm gonna introduce a new feature on the blog. It's called Movie Bullshit. It is myself giving opinions of today's latest news.

I'm sure that everyone and the dead granny has seen the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Fanboys are having nerdgasms seeing the trailer. Personally, I don't know dick about them. I maybe read two digital comics on my phone since this movie was announced.

Today, came word of Rocket Raccoon's voice being revealed. He is being voiced by Bradley Cooper.

Granted, it's only a 30 second teaser.

I can't say that I am excited to see this movie, except for that section of the trailer where Chris Pratt, who plays Starlord looking incredibly ripped. For a guy that was quoted on Conan that he hated working out, he sure doesn't have a problem showing off. I give you Exhibit A and B. I rest my case.

Guardians of the Galaxy flies into theaters August 1st.

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